Magento Hosting - VPS - Dedicated Servers

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VPS and Dedicated hosting for your eshop

Specially customized machines host your online store. The main concern is fast loading and steady operation. Hosting capabilities range from small online stores to hundreds of simultaneous visitors.


Depending on your needs we will recommend the appropriate equipment to load your eshop fast.


Due to specialized configuration you are sure that your eshop will work smoothly.


Of course the probability of a problem always exists but our team is here to intervene with immediate solutions. It's not easy to achieve 99.99% uptime in 5 years.



Modern marketing techniques work. The more visitors, the more important the speed of loading so that your investment makes the most of it.

All our servers are monitored by the Nagios system for proper operation at all times.

We all know that speed and stability in an online store are the most important factors for success.

Also when you gather both development and hosting services you minimise the points of failure and also keep a single contact for anything you may need.

Google takes seriously the speed of response for ranking results and the number of pages it will access. Research has also shown that visitors "trust" a fast store and do not hesitate to leave if their "cart" is slow.

For the above reasons infocube has developed eshop hosting packages in Magento, customized to optimize the platform's response to visitors and management. Using the latest technologies like APC Cache, Memcache and Varnish Accelerator as well as optimization of MySQL, Apache HTTP Server and PHP database configuration, a Magento eshop can achieve high loading speeds with excellent results.

Whether you are starting a new online store in Magento, or moving an existing one, infocube Magento VPS packages and our experience from 2005 promise you the fastest, most secure and stable hosting environment.

In addition to the resource extraction capabilities (RAM, CPU), these packages make it incredibly flexible. Offered with Fully Managed services, daily onsite and weekly offsite backups as well as 24x7 proactive monitoring, they will meet your every need for trouble-free operation of your online store.

Update your Magento stores speed and safety


Daily backups in remote locations for disaster recovery.

No contracts. Monthly payments. Cancel anytime

HelpDesk system for our lighning fast support