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Επανασχεδιασμός και Ανακατασκευή από Magento σε πλατφόρμα Keyvos

  • Company: Athens Pro Audio
  • Year Build: 2022
  • Category: B2C Ecommerce, B2B
  • Platform: Keyvos

What is AthensProAudio


Athens Pro Audio is the fastest growing audio company in the Greek market in recent years. It is the dream of Christos Chatzistamou for a company different in the audio industry. A company that meets the real needs of every musician, producer, sound engineer, music technology student and hi-fi player. A company that will appeal to every music-loving professional or amateur whose priorities are sound and music reproduction.


The online store is one of the most popular online stores in the Greek market and one of the most complete in Europe. It is the only store where one can find both affordable solutions for one's audio needs and a range of excellent "boutique" companies with top of the line equipment in a very wide variety.

Athens Pro Audio image
Athens Pro Audio image

Project Goals


In a highly competitive and sophisticated market, the goal was to further optimize the customer's shopping experience.


Continual growth and creating greater distance from the competition was the main objective.


Athens Pro Audio image
Athens Pro Audio image



The approach was based on the existing knowledge of the processes, since the previous implementation was also done by our company, and optimization of these through automation. A complete update of the code was carried out in order to improve the warehouse management issues. A new B2B system was also created with wholesale catalogue access management.


The new platform also breathed new life into the site in terms of speed as it greatly improved the already good response times of the website given the volume of information.




Manage Supplier Synchronization



A new ORM application was implemented to optimize the management of product synchronization from third-party suppliers. The result is easier and faster management of the product catalogue.


Virtual Category Pages


The Virtual Categories module was used to implement offer pages as well as special pages with product listings while keeping the filtering capability using categories and other features.

Athens Pro Audio image

The results


The new website has delivered impressive results in the store's ordering through increased confidence and improved speed. A 20% increase in orders has been seen. Most impressive was the increase in orders from overseas.


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