Redesign and Rebuild on the Keyvos platform

  • Company:  Nerdom
  • Year Built:  2022
  • Category:  B2C Ecommerce
  • Platform:  Keyvos

What is Nerdom ?


Nerdom is an online store with a variety of products for "Nerds". From the first day of operation Nerdom has shown high growth rates. Infocube stood by the business from the beginning. Today we are proud to deliver the new version of


Nerdom image
Nerdom image

Project Goals


The great success of the online store and the triple-digit number of orders per day required a different approach. In addition, after several years of operation, the old eshop needed a refresh in terms of image.


The main goal was to provide visitors with more options and increase customer loyalty in the online store.

Nerdom image
Nerdom image



The approach was based on a complete redesign in collaboration with nerdom's internal team. The key applications added to the mix were, omnichannel online and physical store experience, customer reward system with gamification elements and central warehouse and store inventory management. At the same time, a number of small and large functions were added for the purpose of easier and faster navigation.


They Stand out...


Checkout - Order Submission


A major improvement has been the new checkout of the Keyvos platform. Both at and at the rest of the projects, the new checkout was a product of long-term research. The results are astonishing as the checkout alone can improve conversion rate up to 25%. The implementation on gave new possibilities such as partial shipments, choice of gift packaging, the redemption of points and others.


Order Management


Nerdom offers consumers the option of pre-ordering collectables. At the same time, it gives the possibility of collection from the stores. To automate and simplify the process, keyvos creates a cluster of movements in the ERP. As a result, it binds and routes the products to the appropriate point, whether it is a receipt from the store or a shipment from central warehouses.




With the omnichannel approach, the consumer has the possibility to monitor in real time the progress of his order, the changes that may be made, multiple shipments per order as well as the progress of pre-orders. Of course, he can track his entire purchase history, whether they were made in the physical store or online. Of course, the same applies to the loyalty system.


Advanced SEO Suite


The Advanced SEO suite is an innovation of the Keyvos application with which the website creates derivatives of the categories using product filters. A process that maximizes the SEO performance of an online store by producing additional pages with the aim of ranking high in the so-called "long tail keywords".

Nerdom image



The new website of has brought impressive results. Although the previous implementation also performed exceptionally well, the new implementation has further increased the distance from the competition. In addition, the inspired loyalty system and gamification capabilities created an amazing trend in consumer communities.


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