Redesign and Rebuild on Keyvos platform

  • Company: Glam4U
  • Year Build: 2021
  • Category: B2C Ecommerce
  • Platform: Keyvos

What is Glam4U


Glam4u was a pioneer of its time in the cosmetics industry. The wide variety of branded cosmetics, the experienced staff with knowledge, love and respect for the customer's needs, the participation in the biggest events in the region and the love of the people, established the business in the market and created the vision of its expansion with the opening of a store of larger square meters that would aim to accommodate more companies for proper and comfortable customer service.


Glam4U image
Glam4U image

The target


It's always hard to make the good better. Magento's longevity made it imperative to upgrade to a new platform.


Glam4U always with a focus on faster and better customer service wanted to further improve the customer experience. In addition, the experience from the operation provided new specifications in sensitive areas that make a difference.

Glam4U image
Glam4U image



The project started with a complete redesign. Initially there were changes to the header adopting the mobile menu and the desktop version. This gave more space for advanced search as well as separation of categories from the numerous brands.


In addition, new features were given to visitors using machine learning as well as gift selection and offer options.





Checkout - Ordering


As in every implementation, checkout steals the show here. In this case, however, we added gift wrapping options with in-store billing capabilities. In addition a custom blacklist application prohibits cash on delivery for customers who have refused to receive their order in the past.


Advanced order management system



The secret to Glam4U's success lies in its custom order management system. This system centralizes all the execution steps in one interface. This has minimized the order preparation time as well as automated all customer notifications whether it is by email or SMS.


Gift Selection


A common practice of companies in the cosmetics industry is to offer gifts with purchases. Keyvos offered the ability to automate the process so that the customer knows in advance about the benefits and also to keep issues such as gift stocks in mind.

Glam4U image


See it Live

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